Why Choose Turmeric Forskolin For Weight Loss?

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You may have seen this on your tube and decided to give Turmeric Plus Forskolin A go.

America has a horrible rap for being obese. According to the CDC, 36.5% of Americans are obese. That’s over one-third of the population. People want to try anything to lose those unwanted inches and keep them off. Is Turmeric Forskolin the big weight loss breakthrough it claims to be?

About The Video

Dr. Oz introduces a lot of viewers to Turmeric and Forskolin and its weight loss discovery in the above video. Unfortunately for Oz Mehmet, his tendency to promote gimmicky get thin fast schemes has drawn the ire of high-profile people and government entities. Is this a fad or the real deal?

Why Choose Turmeric Forskolin Over Another Weight Loss Product?

Turmeric Forskolin For Weight Loss

Weight loss products are not always natural or healthy. They sometimes contain chemicals that are far from ideal to put in your body. Turmeric and Forskolin are though. They are actually used in Ayurvedic medicine which has been around for thousands of years.

It works on its own. Turmeric and Forskolin formulas work regardless of your lifestyle. You don’t have to diet or exercise and you still get the benefits. That’s awesome-isn’t it? Just live your life and watch the fat melt off!

How Does Forskolin Work For Weight Loss?

Forskolin goes through the same process your body goes through to access stored body fat for energy. On a stand-alone basis just acesssing this stored fat isn’t enough for weight loss. You need to have a calorie intake that is less thn calorie expenditure.

Most Weight Loss Supplements Work By:

  • Appetite Suppression
  • Increasing the metabolism
  • Reducing the efficiency of the digestive process

The Forskolin extract works differently. It appears to work by preserving muscle mass to aid the calorie deficit. That’s what guys would want to do anyway-gain muscle-lose fat. Sounds promising-doesn’t it?

Turmeric-Not Just Flavorful?

If taking turmeric is your only weight-loss strategy, then you are going to be disappointed. I say that because turmeric isn’t generally used for that purpose.

However, it is a fantastic source for fighting the inflammation in your body caused by obesity. Inflammation of the gut can lead to metabolic disorders that turmeric can punch out.

This plant extract works for weight loss by fighting off one of the main culprits for weight gain in the first place-inflammation.

You want to get this inflammation under control. This low level inflammation caused by obesity can lead to terrible consequences if not dealt with. If you want a chronic condition like hert failure or Type II Diabetes, then just ignore this inflammation. I suspect you don’t though- right?

I am a type II diabetic and am glad I learned about turmeric. Why? Because its antioxidant properties stop inflammatory messaging in many cells mainly the pancreatic, fat, and muscle cells. This can greatly reduce insulin resistance in people taking it.

Who Can Use Turmeric + Forskolin?

  • Turmeric and forskolin is right for you as long as you talk to your heath care provider and get the go-ahead.
  • If you are in relatively good health but want to get rid of a few added punds throughout the years, then this is a great match.
  • If you have sticktoit-iveness(I’m copywriting that), then this is great too. You need the patience to let this duo work their magic into you. Not an overnight fix! Give it time
  • You want a supplement that reduces weight gain along with awesome fat-burning, This is for you. Take it and feel the burn!
  • Do you like to eat? I find turmeric to be great tasting and there are recipes all over the internet using turmeric. So you can take turmeric supplements and add turmeric spice to your dishes too.

Who Absolutely Can NOT Use Turmeric + Forskolin?

-If your doctor says NO
-If you are on blood thinner meds
-If you are on blood pressure medication

  • I must add that I am not a doctor, so you need to seek medical advice somewhere other than here

Where Can I Find Turmeric And Forskolin Supplements?

A great place to start trying different types of forskolin and turmeric products is Amazon. If you type “turmeric forskolin pills” into Amazon’s search bar the first result, Forskolin Extract For Weight Loss by BioSchwartz would be a good first choice.

Bioschwartz makes a turmeric that is an Amazon’s Best Seller too. They both seem excellent according to the reviews. I honestly can’t say much about the forskolin since I haven’t tried it, but have been a user of their great turmeric supplement. Seriously. here’s proof.

Have you tried BioSchwartz Forskolin? If you have, then let me know your experience in the comments below.

The Rave Reviews

Amazons best feature, in my humble opinion, is their review section. If a product is great, then you would see reviewers reflecting that. If it sucks, then one-star reviews are the norm.

Looking at BioSchwartz(you can probably tell I’m a fan)Turmeric, you can see there are 11,597 reviews to date with an average star rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. That’s great since most people who use the product don’t even write in. I’ll give you some testimonials:

” After 10 days, I began noticing a reduction of the intensity of my arm, elbow and hand pain. “

-Matthew D-

“I sleep better at night because there’s not as much pain, fatigue, and stiffness. And when I wake up in the morning it is easier to get out of bed because my hands aren’t killing me and aren’t as stiff from arthritis”


“It works! Only two capsules per day for the last two weeks and all stiffness and aches are gone”

-Lita Perna-


Amazon has Bio Schwartz Forskolin listed as their TOP CHOICE in their forskolin supplements too. I have been a believer in their product line for around a year ever since I started their Turmeric Curcumin supplement.

On Amazon, the forskolin supplement is rated very high too. Out of 918 reviews they earned a 4.1 out of 5 star rating. The user Cobastas used it for 6 weeks and lost 8 pounds so far. It also curbed her appetite and cravings.

I like that Schwartz seems to use the best all-natural ingredients in their pills. I notice in the reviews that people are pairing it with Garcinia to achieve maximum effect. I’m tempted to try that since I ould stand to lose a few.

Turmeric And Forskolin Enhance Each Other

Whether you decide to purchase them separately, or get a product featuring both of them they will work. One Turmeric Forskolin All-In-One product that is big right now is called Premium Turmeric Slim. Turmeric destroys the inflammation in your body improving your metabolism. Forskolin burns through fat like nobodys business once again improving your metabolism.

Once your metabolisms is fixed and these guys fix your cravings and curb your appetite you’re all set for weight loss. A great thing is you don’t have to change your lifestyle either.

While it is a great idea to watch your diet and take up exercise it isn’t required for losing weight with this product.




2 thoughts on “Why Choose Turmeric Forskolin For Weight Loss?

  1. asmithxu

    This sounds really promising when it comes to building muscle. One of the biggest challenges of bodybuilding is burning fat without burning muscles. This supplement sounds like it would be ideal for bodybuilders. I actually really like the fact that it doesn’t work like a weight loss pill. Many of these pills make highly suspicious claims and there are news stories every year about someone who abused them. I’ll definitely have to check these out.

    1. Randall Post author

      In bodybuilding one of the best things to do first is get your body fat down. Your muscles will never show with alot of fat on top of them. I’m not a bodybuilder myself, but I can see why Turmeric Forskolin would help them get a great physique. 

      I hate a lot of those weight loss miracle pills that Dr. Oz peddles. A lot of them advertise that you can lose a lot of weight before next weekend. If you believe that then I got some bad news for you-they don’t work. And losing 50 lbs. before next week isn’t good for you anyway.

      These ingredients are different as they aren’t just a passing fad. They have helped heal many ailments throughout the centuries. Thanks for the positive vibes


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